Reptilian 16
The Simaris are a common site underfoot the larger sophonts of the Commonwealth. Prized as the finest researchers and engineers by day and reviled as thieves and tricksters by night. These diminutive 2 foot cold blooded lizards were the first species known to achieve space travel in the Orion Arm and are the inventors of Slipstream Drive technology. Alongside Birrin and Kreen they are considered founding members of the System's Commonwealth.

Yet they are often regarded as pests on space stations and passenger liners. This is, in part, due to their insatiable curiosity and low attention span. What causes the greatest problems however are petty theft. On their home planet of Simara they never developed a concept of personal property rights. Everything is borrowed and shared among their burrows. So when they leave home it takes years for them to adopt to interstellar values.

  • Genius: Begin with a d6 in Smarts.
  • Pace: +2 Pace and d8 Running Die.
  • Keen Eyes: +2 Notice using sight.
  • Low-Light Vision: Ignore penalties to low-light up to pitch darkness.
  • Small: -2 Toughness and All attack rolls targeted at them are at -2.
  • Environmental Weakness (Cold): -4 penalty to resist. Attacker gains +4 to damage rolls of that type.
  • Curiosity: They cannot resist a mystery or new experience. It is the leading cause of death.