At the beginning of the second Session, 6115 had managed to dig his way through the asteroid. This effectively jettisoned the robot into space, barely managing to avoid leaving a pile of broken metal in a crater as he broke his landing. He was saved by Mary in the Starling, a ship that the crew would soon call home for the time being. The 6115 then proceeded to try and get things coordinated for their jailbreak, but was limited being on the outside.

Meanwhile in Con-Town, Lacerta, Jimmy, and Ximeon, went about their routine as they slowly prepped to make their way to freedom. One night, Jimmy is held at knife point by one of their cellmates, a severely scarred man named Marius who heard they were making a break for it. As rumors began to spread through inmates, the risk of guards catching wind grew rapidly forcing the crew to make a break for it.

Mass chaos filled the prison as Jimmy and Lacerta pulled all the attention onto them as they started the brawl. Hidden by the massive distraction, Ximeon hurriedly made his way into the wardens office, canceling the signal and effectively throwing a cloak over their escape. Brawling their way through a seemingly never ending stream of guards, and electric bolts scattering through the air, the Trio made their way to the exit, rejoining with 6115 and leaving the station drifting helplessly into the abyss.