A Scarab born from a Human host.

The Spinward expansion of the Kesh Caliphate, Trojan Federation, and Centauri Khanate has been arrested by an infestation of lifeforms nicknamed Scarabs. The scrabs are nano-cybernetically enhanced insectoid creatures. Aside from Scarab the victims of the swarm have many names for this alien species. Cravers, Reavers, Ravagers, and Locusts are just a few.

They have a reproductive cycle similar to that of the parasitoid wasp of ancient Earth. Eggs are laid within the body of other creatures and, when they hatch, the larvae eat their way out of their host. Along the way the larvae absorb knowledge from the brain of the host and pieces of the host's genetic code.

When the host is a sophont organism, they absord the language and history of that sophont. In addition they augment themselves with the hosts genentic information. So, for example, a Scarab born from a Hissho host will have the keen eyes and fast reactions of a Hissho.