Adewale Obaje Info Respectful Obaje is a black market data broker selling blackmail material and insider secrets to scheming executives.
Mohan Kapani Chop Loyal Kapani knows everyone in little Mombai but does his best to stay out of the Ghost Tigers bloody business.
Thomas Addington Access Trusting Addington is a Junior Executive Vice President in Bellerophon's media department and can get you anywhere you need to be.
Imani Longosiwa Deal Dependent Longosiwa is the rarest of dealers. They smuggle foreign corporate drugs to sell on the side to Bellerophon's own enforcers.
Black Fox Fence Sympathetic Fox is the only fence who can walk the line between Chrome Chameleons and the KoD. Both sides respect their unique talents.
Elton Oduya Fix Loyal Oduya is the Robin Hood of the slums. His thieves provide the sprawl with all those creature comforts employees take for granted.


Ride Lustful Every third car stolen in the sprawl is resold by Tariq. He's a lecherous bastard but he can get you what you need in any color.
Malcolm Redding Shark Sympathetic Redding runs half the underground casinos in the employee sector, but don't worry, he won't break your legs till the third notice.
Emmanuel Broder Splice Obsessive Broder was a cyber-surgeon in Latvia until he began "improving" his patients. Now he's a back alley butcher with a degree & a complex.