The Ryleth are the scourge of Orion space. United by a brutal theocracy they have conquered worlds only to cleanse them of all inhabitants. Theirs is a specist regime dedicated to wiping out all "unclean" sophonts from the galaxy and taking their divinely mandated place as it's rulers. In their pursuit they have uplifted fauna of other worlds and chemically enslaved them as soldiers. Ryleth make no alliances and brook no compromise with other races.

What they lack in numbers or technology they make up for with their unique neurophysiology. Called "organic computers" by some, a Ryleth's brain is a densely compact set of nerve fibers. The result being not only intelligence but the ability to easily observe and extrapolate patterns. They call it the "divine sight", while Commonwealth scientists consider a form of high level probability calculation. Their enemies call it "seeing the future".

  • Parry +1: A subconscious ability to predict their opponent's next move.
  • Precognition: Gain 5 Power Point. The power costs 5 Power Points.
    • Smarts Roll. If you roll a 1 on Trait Die, immediately Shaken. Critical Fail, Incapacitated from Fatigue for 1d6 hours. On success, get a "good" or "bad" feeling about the possible outcomes of a single action. On a Raise, get a more specific feeling (danger, happiness, pride, etc).
  • Danger Sense: Notice -2 to detect ambush. Is On Hold if successful.
  • Racial Enemy: The Ryleth are blood enemies to the Birrin people after centuries of oppression. They suffer -4 to Charisma when dealing with them and may become hostile with little provocation.
  • Stubborn: Never admits they're wrong.
  • Outsider: -2 Charisma to all but their own people.