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Major Powers Edit

The Systems Commonwealth

The Centauri Khaganate

Ryleth Imperium

League of Non-Aligned Worlds

The Megacorps

The Scarab Swarm

California Republic

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Commonwealth Species Edit

  • Human -
    • Terran - The Baseline human give or take a few genetic fixes.
    • Adamite - Humans from before the fall of Earth.
    • Centauri - Genetic supremacists who thrive in a culture of conquest.
    • Scorpii - Spacers genetically engineered to live in deep space.
    • Splicer - Humans spliced with animal or alien DNA.
  • Infomorph - Robots, Androids, and AI that have achieved full sentience.
  • Okkar - Eusocial crustacean bureaucrats that hold the Commonwealth together.
  • Birrin - Uplifted hexapedal slave race, freed by the Commonwealth.
  • Hissho - Avian warriors who live by an ancient code.
  • Denebian - Wandering merchants from beyond known space.

League Species Edit

  • Drekar - Bipedal lizard isolationists on the Centauri border.
  • Yith - Methane-Ammonia breathing gastropods.
  • Bak'Turim - Mammalian centaurids. Brutes & pirates.
  • Dzun - Aquatic seahorse sophonts.
  • Haroshem - Sulfur-Dioxide breathing silicoids.

Unaffiliated Species Edit

  • Ryleth - Xenophobic octopodes who can sense probabilities and walk on their tentacles.
  • Lethan - Primitive plant life with the ability to manipulate others through their spores.
  • Scarab - Cybernetic parasitoid arthropods who reproduce via forceful implantation of larvae.
  • The Dentraddi - Name given to the unknown aliens believed to have wiped out the Sol system.

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  • Dahanism | Ryleth
  • Niirinrishii (The Truth of the Eternal Way) | Hissho
  • Niirintsolyani (The Truth of the Celestial Court) | Hissho
  • Segran-Jahal | Birrin
  • Non-Religious Xenomorphs
  • Extraterrestrial Folk Religions