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Trojan Neo-Classicalism developed out of an attempt to catalogue humanities spiritual history. A new wave of religious fervour began in the wake of Earth's destruction, resulting not only in the transformation of ancient religions but the foundation of new ones. It was in this environment that the scholars of Proto-Indo-European Religion and leaders of modern wicca began to intersect.

The seminal work "The Neccessity of the Gods", by Harold Singh and Alia Winter, would inspire generations of thought into the nature of religion and a belief in god in a detached post-structuralist abstract. Specifically the psuedo-Jungian idea that the gods were symbols, but symbol so deeply embedded in our collective unconciousness that it would be against human nature to ignore them.

So, generations after "The Neccessity fo the Gods" a new book would unite neopagans, unitarians, and agnostic church goers into a new religion on the colony of New Troy. "Faceless Gods," by Mei Adebiyi, would be the cornerstone of her 'Neo-Classical Church'. It laid out a liturgy and theology for the worship of The Twelve, archetypes repeated in the world's major religions from Greek Pagans to Chinese folk religion, to Hinduism, and to pre-Islamic Africa. The thousands of other demi-gods, avatars, immortals, and bodhisattvas would become Saints under this system and revered by name. The Twelve themselves are always referred to by their concept and depicted with abstract amorphous statues.

  1. The Father - Zeus, Odin, Osiris, Vishnu, etc.
  2. The Mother - Hera, Isis, Freya, Lakshmi, etc.
  3. The Light-Bringer - Apollo, Ra, Heimdall , etc.
  4. The Warrior - Ares, Thor, Shiva, etc.
  5. The Scholar - Hermes, Minerva, Thoth, etc.
  6. The Trickster - Loki, Set, Eris, etc.
  7. The Shaper - Vulcan, Viśwákarma, etc.
  8. The Celebrant - Bacchus, Nephthys, Aegir, etc.
  9. The Lover - Aphrodite, Ishtar, Hathor, etc.
  10. The Hunter - Artemis, Horus, Bast, etc.
  11. The Sea- Poseidon, Sobek, Njord, Varuna, etc.
  12. The Psychopomp - Pluto, Anubis, Hel, etc.