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Maomethi Shia is a current of Islamic thought that has grown to become the dominant form of Shia. They believe that Maometh, a man born in the 22nd Century on Old Earth, is the "third Mohammed". He is third because this tradition grew out of a sect of Ahmadiyya Islam, an Old Earth school of Shia thought which held Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be the returned Mohammed.

Maomethi muslims hold The Prophet Maometh to be their supreme religious authority and his book, the Saari, to be equivalent to the Quran. In addition to a modernizing and liberalization of previous Shiite thought, the Saari incorporates ideas from Druze and Yazidi. Transmigration, a form of reincarnation that posits the soul transfers freely between sophont and animal, has been incorporated alongside previously established Ahmadiyya muslim beliefs.