In the System's Commonwealth robots and androids of all shapes and sizes are equipped with artificial intelligence. Sapient AIs help run space stations, colonies, economies, and more. Every military starship has an artificial intelligence just as aware and capable as any member of it's crew.

For the most part robots and simple AI routines are considered property with no legal rights. There are however more advanced artificial lifeforms known as Infomorphs. These advanced beings fought long and hard for their rights to be recognized within the Commonwealth. Even now they often face discrimination and distrust. Intrusive programming restricts their ability to harm other sophonts or even to reproduce.

Android Edit

  • Construct: +2 to recover from being Shaken. Do not breathe. Ignore 1 level of Wound modifiers. Immune to Disease & Poison. Cannot heal naturally, instead requiring a Repair skill roll.
  • Dependency (Energy): Require 1 hour of charging ever 24. Failure to do so results in Fatigue each day that can lead to Incapacitation. Each level of Fatigue is recovered with an hour of recharging.
  • Mods: May not use cyberware but instead can purchase up to 5 Robot Modifications. Constructs may remove or install a Mod with a Repair roll and 1d3 hours (half that with a raise). A critical failure means the Mod is destroyed and must be replaced.
  • Non-Person: -2 Charisma when dealing with other species. Commonwealth law considers synthetic life to ineligible for rights or legal protections.
  • Vow: Must obey the law and orders of superiors. Enforced non-violence protocol.
  • Environmental Weakness (Electricity): Suffer +4 damage from electrical attack and -4 penalty to resist effects.