The Hissho are a species of avian carnivores who once brought themselves to the brink of nuclear annihilation before their space age. The rebuild Hissho culture relied on a byzantine code of honor and ritualized combat.

In order to escape the barbarity of their past their society became highly stratified. At the top, a warrior-poet elite that is as cultured and well read as it is bloodthirsty and violent. It is said that if a Hissho warrior draws his blade it cannot be sheathed again until it has tasted blood.

  • Inner Strength: Begin character creation with a d6 in Spirit.
  • Keen Eyes: +2 to Notice rolls using vision.
  • Natural Weapons: Claws of a bird of prey. Str+d8 damage, AP 2.
  • Code of Honor: All Hissho are raised to abide by their ancient code of honor or regional variant.
  • Frail: Hissho have hollow bones. -1 Toughness.