• Metallic hydrogen allows for the first room-temperature superconductor.
  • Hydrogen cell technology is successfully tested in trucking and freight shipping.
  • The world's first nanofoundry is set up by the People's Republic of China.
  • Augmented reality glasses begin to eat away at smartphones' market share.


  • North Korea invades South Korea.
  • US intercedes on South Korea's behalf.
  • China moves to annex Taiwan.
  • Evidence of Chinese involvement in North Korean invasion.
  • US & allies declare war against China.
  • Russia declares war against Turkey after fatal border skirmish.
  • The European Union & NATO declare war against Russia.
  • US declares war against Russia in solidarity with NATO.
  • US is now fighting a war on two fronts across Asia.
  • US reinstates mandatory draft.


  • Russia and US exchange a short series of nuclear strikes.
  • China launches large scale nuclear strike on the west coast of North America.
  • US answers by launching tactical nuclear strikes against Russian & Chinese military infrastructure.
  • A Christmas Cease-Fire leads to peace talks in which it is agreed nuclear weapons will no longer be used.


  • Peace talks break down and fighting resumes.
  • No more nuclear detonations take place.
  • A hemispheral Nuclear Winter obliterate crop yields.


  • Fighting between western forces and Russia ends February 19th with the Treaty of Ankara
  • Fighting between western forces and China ends November 6th with the Treaty of Pyongyang.
  • North & South Korea are reunited under the terms of the Pyongyang Treaty.
  • War reparations cripple the Russian and Chinese economies.
  • The Serrano Virus wipes out 3/4 of the world's wheat farms.


  • Major coastal cities are reduced by half.
  • The "Bread Riots" break out across US.


  • Monarch Civic Trust is founded in Kenya by a select group of the wealthiest investors from across Western Europe including Cyril St. John, Yves Durand, Ekkehardt Weber, Ronan Fitzpatrick, and Pietro Antonioni.
  • Monarch rebuilds sunken Mombasa, in the process coming to own over 90% of the city.


  • A "Global Emergency" is declared as over 50% of the world's fresh water sources have disappeared.
  • Canada, Russia, India, and Kenya experience refugee crisis.
  • Private corporations now own over 90% of all arable land and freshwater rights in the world.
  • Monarch becomes the largest employer in Africa.


  • Overwhelmed by the refugee crisis, nations turn to the new generation of "megacorporations" to supplement their armies, police force, and civil infrastructure.
  • Those nations suffering from extreme drought begin to war with one another over water rights.
  • The "Water Wars" spread across half the globe.
  • Fossil fuels are phased out in order to counter global warming.


  • All major coastal cities are now underwater. The sea levels have risen 25 meters since 2009.
  • Global trade is disrupted as these drowned cities become a shipping hazard.
  • With trade severely disrupted local corporations begin to diversify, buying up other local corporations of all kinds.
  • Monarch introduces it's first experimental robotic worker.
  • Apex, Sterling, and Atlantica merge to form Polaris.
  • The majority of the human race now lives in megacities run by corporations.


  • The United Nations passes the "Corporate Sovereignty Act" granting a dozen corporations the ability to make and enforce laws on land that they own the rights to.
  • Robotic workers are introduced throughout corporate controlled areas.
  • Global Unemployment hits an all-time high with governments scrambling to provide basic assistance.
  • The first cybernetic brain to network interface is installed successfully in a human being.
  • The G9 summit in Midgard marks the signing of the inter-corporate trade agreement.


  • A breakthrough in nanomachine technology leads the Atlas company to announce a cure for genetic disease.
  • Monarch introduces a nanomachine cure for cancer.
  • Bharat, Garud, and Vajra corporations merge to form Essar-Adani
  • Hana-Shen-Nakatomi and Seburo-Arasaka merge to form the ASPARI (Asian PAcific RIm) Syndicate.
  • Interactive Holographics are introduced by Polaris Corporation.


  • Private corporate police and military forces outnumber state authorities 3 to 1.
  • India begins the "Unification Wars" against Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Khalistan.
  • East Turkestan is officially recognized by the UN following the collapse of the People's Republic of China.
  • The water-rich eastern Congo declares it's independence, choosing the name "New Zaire".


  • The Info-Socialist Society (ISS) announces it's presence with the bombing of Polaris' mag rail.
  • Perseus, the world's first true AI, is born in the labs of Monarch headquarters.
  • New Zaire Annexes Rwanda and Burundi.
  • The United Nations dissolves following an argument about the role of drought nations in policy making.
  • A civil war breaks out after Somalia agrees to allow Monarch to manage their farming program.


  • Since its first appearance , the ISS has taken credit for over two dozen attacks on corporate holdings.
  • Essar-Adani builds a coastal spaceport south of Sri Lanka, launching the first manned mission to Mars.
  • Perseus, the Monarch AI, has grown to manage the entire New Mombasa transit system.
  • Monarch begins work on the world's first space elevator off the coast of Mogadishu, with the announced plans to found the first human colony on the moon.


  • Following Sudan's anti-megacorp laws, Monarch lobbies South Sudan to renege on their water contract with Sudan and instead supply the corporate friendly nation of Chad.
  • Sudan declares war on South Sudan.
  • Chad makes a pact with South Sudan to
  • AsPaRi completes construction of the world's first fusion power plant in Manchuria.
  • The great Helium3 rush begins as fuel for new fusion technology.
  • The African Liberation Army (ALA) takes over Nairobi, beginning a year long siege against Monarch forces.


  • The Atlas Fusion Reactor in Sevastopol overloads and killing 100,000 Atlas employees.
  • Atlas claims sabotage by AsPaRi agents.
  • AsPaRi farms on Borneo suffer an outbreak of destructive wheat viruses.
  • A central AsPaRi meat cloning plant is lethally contaminated. Hundreds die before it can be recalled.
  • This marks a new wave of corporate espionage.


  • A hacker calling themselves 4L4DD1N becomes famous after the suicide of a high ranking Executive Vice President following the blackmail and subsequent public exposure of their illegal sexual habits.