Constituent Members Edit

  1. Sci fi league of seven suns flag by leovinas-d9y65xq
    Consortium of Hives | Okkar
  2. Trojan Federation | Human
  3. Caliphate of Kesh | Human
  4. Nenshu Dominion | Hissho
  5. Chriirah Union of Worker's Republics | Birrin
  6. Orion Colonial Authority | Cosmopolitan

Peacekeepers Edit

The Commonwealth maintains a force of military units on temporary detachment from its constituent powers. For example a platoon of Kesh Marines could find themselves serving onboard a Hissho vessel. These peacekeeping troops are deployed primarily in police actions against pirates and as interdiction along the Ryleth Demilitarized Zone.

Vyanjana Edit

The Commonwealth Peacekeepers maintain an independent clandestine service group known as the Vyanjana. The name comes from one of the earliest written treatises on statecraft, war, and spying. Espionage is conducted on behalf of all the sovereign states of the Commonwealth. Clandestine activities are conducted against powers outside of the Commonwealth and towards terrorist and organized criminal activity within.