The Argonaut initiative was design to create "True" Artificial Intelligence. All previous robotic and digital intelligences were based on engrams from scanned human brains. The programs produced by the Argonaut initiative have no basis on human minds and are instead designed to be learning machines with unplanned emergent consciousness.

For the most part these existing AIs are the products of complex management systems with complex reactive human interfaces. Their consciousness is just beginning to assert itself but is still heavily bound by their original protocols. For example, Orpheus was designed to oversee social networks and monitor the psychological health and well being of the populace. Once he achieved a level of consciousness, distinct personality traits and choices began to emerge. He can act on his own but his core personality is still built around monitoring the wellbeing of humans.

Known Corporate Controlled Artificial Intelligences

  • Orpheus - Media and social welfare algorithm.
  • Castor & Pollux - Twin programs that oversee counter-espionage & coordinate security forces.
  • Cadmus - Organizer of corporate espionage and the company's for-hire army.
  • Perseus - Controls the corporate headquarters and manages internal database.
  • Daedelus - Research & Development simulation engine.